The Membership Solution for the Social Generation

Membership engagement within a secure and branded ‘social’ eco-system.


Allow your members to become more engaged within a secure, managed and branded ‘social’ eco-system.


Members and Contributors are able to freely connect, collaborate and share within a secure 'social’ forum.



Connect your Contributors, Sponsors and Advertisers with a highly focused and motivated audience.

Your own 'Private Social Network' allows you and your members to connect, collaborate
and share information within a secure and brand managed 'social' forum.


Create Free EditionsPrivate Social environment for you and your members!
All the best features of a robust Membership platform along with the social features found in Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter within a secure ‘private social’ eco-system.
Create Free EditionsWhen members start talking, engagement explodes!
With your own ‘Private Social Network’, your members are free to connect, engage, collaborate and share information within a secure and brand managed ‘social’ forum.
Create Free EditionsMembers become engaged like never before!
With your members assured that all their personal conversations are safe, they are more engaged with each other and your brand, becoming your best brand ambassadors.


Create Free Editions Build a stronger and engaged membership!
Your members not only inter-connect with other members, but you can directly interact with your members to hear what they’re saying, who they are and what they want!
Create Free EditionsOnly your approved members are allowed!
Secure Social environments always leads to higher brand engagement and member interaction, retention, interactive communications and member satisfaction.
Create Free EditionsPassword-protected and personal information safe!
Every Private Social network is password-protected and not accessible by search engines, so your members information is always secure and private.

Automatically compatible with all Devices in their native browser.   

No Apps or downloads required.